The Copper HVAC Lineset Alternative

Are you tired of the endless fluctuations of copper when you are ready to buy Line Sets? Are you are frustrated by hearing about “Supply Chain Problems” when you check to see if the sizes you need are in stock?
Do you KNOW there must be something better? 

Today there is a solution! That solution is Alt-Line 

Defend yourself from Copper’s Supply Chain problems and pricing instability by using Coated Low Carbon steel tubing. A product that has been proven in the Refrigeration industry for over 40 years, Coated Low Carbon steel tubing is your ideal alternative to Copper.

• Available in Coil and Rigid Straight Lengths.

• Available in standard Lineset sizes and lengths (1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”)

• All sizes available with or without Insulation • Burst pressures well exceed traditional HVAC Tubing

• Superior resistance to environmental and weather related corrosion

• Easy to bend and route

• Custom length availability in both Rigid Straights and Coils

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• VRF Systems

• Ductless Mini-Splits

• Multi-Split Sytems

• Standard Line Sets

• Commercial Installations

Coated Low Carbon Steel Tubing

• Diffused Nickle Inside Layer

• Diffused Nickle Outside Layer

• Aluminum/Zinc Layer

• Aluminum Enriched
Epoxy Paint Layer


• Save Valuable Labor Time

• No Brazing Training
• No Flares to Fail 
• Eliminate Fire Permits 
• Decrease Leaks Paths

Why Alt-Line?

•Stabilize Pricing Fluctuations

• North American Supply Chain

• Exceptional Mechanical Properties

• Reduced Labor Costs and Permitting

• Superior resistance to environmental and weather related corrosion


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Why Coated Low Carbon?

Using a scientifically enhanced Aluminum/Zinc based coating, Alt-Linetm has superior resistance to enviromental and weather induced corrosion problems. In long term tests against copper tubing in coastal areas with high concentrations of salt in the air, refigeration systems using this coating process have shown remarkably improved resistance to the corrosion familiar to all HVAC Installers and owners in these areas.

Adding a specially formulated coating of Diffused Nickel to both the inner and outer surfaces of the tube prior to the outer coating greatly increases protection, particulary in high humidity areas.

Carefully specified steel along with a proprietary manufacturing process allows similar mechanical characteristics to traditional copper lines while offering signifcantly increased burst pressures along with better vibration and temperature tolerance as compared to copper.